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Another piece of the puzzle is choosing the right affiliate programs. Some of the other blogging guides gloss over this part — but it’s oh-so crucial! If you aren’t choosing good affiliate products or other things that actually sell, you’re going to be hard pressed to make any income to speak of online.

We did find the order of the book to be a little bit confusing. The next portion talks about setting up your domain and hosting. While it might be better placed at the front of the book, the previous sections were probably first to give you an idea of where you’re going before you get there. After you get Atomic Blogging you’ll probably want to read through it one time first and then go back to implement it.

Then you get to the good stuff like scoping out competitor’s keywords to beat them, which plugins to use, guest blogging, forum marketing, etc. It’s this section that more advanced bloggers are going to get the most out of. The chances are good that there are a few tidbits you haven’t come across before.

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