Creating a website for your Ezines

It is very likely that your Ezines are created with an objective of promoting some of your products. It makes sense then to have a user friendly website that provides all information about your ezines as well as other products.Your website must take a very unique approach. Although, you may not design a very elaborate site, it still has to be designed for success. First and foremost, it has to be functional. It should at least have a separatepage that houses all your ezines along with  a listing of all benefits that a potential customer might incur by signing up for these ezines. 


This section discusses in brief some of the basics of website designing and hosting. These basics hold true for all kinds of websites. Thus, you could follow these even if you intend to create a website to promote other products and not necessarily newsletters. However, I would strongly recommend that you have a separate web page for your ezines on your website that can serve as a convenient place  to get information as well as sign up for them. 


Every time a reader succeeds in executing a  task on the web site, your reputation is enhanced. Every time a reader is frustrated by the site, your reputation is diminished. Tools and approaches that make marketers and advertisers succeed offline are often drawbacks on the web. The compelling image is slow to download and frustrates the impatient scan reader. The catch phrase is of little use to a reader hungry for information, which is especially true in the case of newsletters.


The conception about flashy homepages has changed. When you arrive on a home page and are met with a fancy Flash intro, you are no longer impressed. Waiting for a large image to download, your frustration would  grow. Your potential customers visit your website looking for something unique and important. Anything that slows them down is an annoyance.  You should portray your Ezines and other products that are promoted through these ezines with accurate, well-written, up-to-date content. Many marketers and advertisers still don’t understand the web. The key is to make your website as content richas possible. Make it as simple as possible.

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