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The Best Pay per Click Programs on the Net

This is far from an exhaustive list of great pay per click programs available. This is simply a list of the most commonly used, least expensive, and most promising pay per click programs for the beginning pay per click internet marketer. You can find many more pay per click programs by doing a simple internet search.




This is highly recommended. Even if your bid rating for your key words and phrases are not the highest, you will still receive plenty of clicks from your advertisements. This is especially true if you are using high paying key words and phrases.


The higher paying the key word, the more web sites there will be that are geared toward that topic in order to get the higher paying ads. The more web sites there are, the more likely that your advertisement will be placed in a prominent position, even if your bid on the key word is not the highest bid. Your sponsored ad on Google will still be low on the totem pole, but the traffic you generate from the web sites where your pay per click advertising is placed will be more than enough to see a profit.





This pay per click program is one of the search engine sponsored ads programs. These sponsored  ads may appear on search results pages or other related pages in the Yahoo network of web sites and services. Bid rating determines placement. However, since you are not competing to get onto high paying key word focused web sites you can go with less searched for key words and phrases. This will minimize your costs with this pay per click program.




Yes, MSN has joined in the pay per click sponsored advertising phenomenon. This program is

basically the same as Yahoo Search Marketing. However, be prepared to pay slightly higher

prices per click for your key words at MSN than you might at Google and Yahoo.

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