Ad Placement

“Location, location, location.” It is true in real estate and true in advertising, including web advertising. Since the “location” of the user is your site already, the “location” of the ad in this context means on which pages, where on the pages, and so on. As noted, the less an ad looks like an ad, the more effective it is likely to be.

Then there are general design and usability factors to consider.
If your webpage is cluttered and you can’t dispense with any content, you may want to break it down further into sections or more pages to provide easier reading.  This also gives you the potential benefit of placing additional ads.

As noted, we generally recommend text-based ads. However, text-dense sites may actually do better with image ads. If your site has very few graphics, you may want to balance it out by putting image-based ads. In the monotony of a lot of dense written information, image-based ads and graphics provide what’s called visual relief. This can also prompt clicks.

Where should you put the ads? The chances of your ad getting noticed by the visitors to your site increases greatly if you place ads as close to the top of your webpage as possible.

If you choose to place so-called ‘skyscraper’ ads – in magazines these would be called columns – on the sidebars of your webpage, it would be wise to place them on the right side of your principal content areas.  The reason for this is the visitor to your page (in most languages) will read from left to right.  He or she will chance upon the ad ultimately, if not consciously, then at least out of habit. Their eyes will go there. From the left, they can visually “skip” the ad when they start reading next to it.

Your ads should be placed in such a way that it matches the links to otherwebsites on your site.  If you already have a links section on your site, put the AdSense links in that section or list. This is not dishonest – if it were, Google would not allow it.

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    Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your site.

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