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Making Money from Your Ezine

Making Money from Your Ezine 
Paid Ezines – Do they work? 
Information is freely available on the Internet. Do paid ezines work? The answer is in
most cases they don’t. The magic word here  is most cases – there are exceptions where
paid ezines have been highly successful. 
If you are just starting out with your ezine forget about asking your subscribers to pay for
your ezine. Paid ezines can only work when you have established a name for yourself.
Besides, if your main aim behind running an ezine campaign is to promote your other
products avoid having paid subscriptions. You may charge for ezines if you have been
able to regularly publish them for a period of time constantly increasing your subscriber
What can make the transition from free to paid ezine successful is out of the ordinary
content. Your ezine should have extremely  unique and informative content that would
otherwise not be available freely on the Internet. People are only going to pay if they find
that your ezines actually help readers. For instance you could have an ezine about Search
Engine Optimization wherein you provide tips and guidelines that are proven and not
available elsewhere. 

„Ezine Marketing Magic“ one of my free Ebooks at :

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