Never stop testing your PPC campaign

Never Stop Testing
Remember your initial list of key word possibilities? This is where you
will use it once more. Regardless of how well your pay per click
advertising campaign seems to be going, there is typically room for
When your advertising campaign has been running successfully for
about two weeks, you have two options. You can sit on your laurels,
rake in the cash, and watch the windfall dwindle within a year. Or, you can
continue testing and improving your pay per click advertising strategies, key words,
and programs.
Tip! About once per month you should spend a couple of days going through all of
your pay per click advertisements. Evaluate them as you did during development
and testing. Often what has been extremely successful in the past can quickly take a
turn for the worse in terms of traffic, click thru rates, or sales conversion rates.
If you start seeing a drop in the effectiveness, successfulness, or expensiveness
of your pay per click advertising, you may want to make some changes. Always keep in
mind that key words do not have to be the first thing that pops into your mind. You
need not spend a fortune to make a modest profit. Simply continue testing less
expensive key words while running the more expensive ads. This will ensure success
while allowing for possible improvements.
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