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The Easy Banner Maker Pro „system“ explained:

The Easy Banner Maker Pro „system“ explained:

What makes this special is the ease of use, and the quality of the final banners ANYONE can create, with no design experience. The way it works is, you pretty much get all of the „elements“ that make up a professional banner design, all pre-formatted for you an ready to go.

And all you have to do is put all of these „elements“ together, in your own ways, by copying and pasting them. It’s like a „paint by numbers“ system, or a building blocks system. Very easy and powerful stuff.

Here is a short video to explain how this works and to show you this thing in action.So, it’s basically a highly customizable template based system, where you get „master templates“ and „copy and paste elements“. And when you combine these 2, you get virtually an unlimited number of different banners you can create, in all of the most popular sizes.
So you CAN add your own images, logos, text, and what ever else you want to these banners. You’re not limited to the stuff that comes with this product. This product is highly customizable, and you can make the banners look just like you want.

And, this banner maker is also so powerful, that you can also just use all of the pre-built „effects“, „elements“, and text that come with it, without getting extra images. And that will be good enough. It’s al up to you.

Here are is exactly what you get….

1. First, you get the „master“ templates in all of the most popual banner sizes. You get 8 of these „master“ templates, in 8 sizes (in pixels): 120×600, 250×250, 200×200, 468×60, 120×240., 180×150, 125×125, 234×60.
These master templates come pre-insatlled with background „effects“, and background „shapes“. These effects and shapes basically add some flair to the banners, and make them more exciting then just plain solid color banners.

2. „Copy and Paste Elements“. These are basically pre-formatted „elements“ for the inside of your banner design. They’re things like text, bullets, and buttons. And all of these come pre-formatted with cool effects and styles applied to them. And you can simply copy and paste these into your own designs and the master templates.

You can customize all of these „elements“ in pretty much any way you want. Change the text to your own exact text, change the fonts and sizes of the text, change the colors, resize, rotate, distort and pretty much do anything else to all of these. You can even use most of these things for high res print graphics (300 DPI). Here are these „elements“ that you will get…

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