The Risks Of A Forex Robot

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Who does not want to have some share with the $3 trillion market turnover that the Forex market gets everyday?  If you are one of those newcomers who are learning how to be a part of the Forex trading market and having difficulty to cope with it, you would also receive a lot of talk about getting a Forex trading robot to help you with your trade.

We have hear how good this system is and how a lot of people have gained a lot from using it.  But how good is it, really?  Could it just be too perfect that we do not want to worry about anything.  Contradictory to what most people think, Forex robots would also have downsides.

What are these negative effects?

• Heavy reliance on your equipment

A Forex robot is there to help you not to completely take over for you.  A common mistake made by traders is let automated trading programs do the work for them and never ever put even small manual trading. This can turn into a trading disaster in the long run.

If you rely too much on your equipment, what would you do if your computer crashes or you robot encountered problems?  Would this be the end for your trading career? Having sufficient knowledge in doing trade manually could save it, making it really essential if you wanted to succeed in Forex trade.

Another thing is that most traders that use automated trading system would just leave their equipment alone.  Automated trading system, specifically, Forex robots have the feature called optimization.  This would allow traders to check on previous trades and determine how trades have been won in the past.  This would allow your system to improve its program.  But, there would be times when the optimization process would be too much.  It could keep improving its system until it sees that there are no losses on the data.  But this could buy time and can even lose transactions in the end.

• Believing its magic

There is no such thing as a perfect system.  There are some Forex robot systems that say that they have zero losses under their belt.  Systems that claim this could happen aer actually losing their account.  There are experts who say that system like this could actually earn a break-even after 20 years!

So, just the same with the first point, even if there are Forex robots that claim to have as much as 95 to 100 percent gain, relying on them too much and letting them do the trading without the trader getting involved could lead to disaster.  But traders would have to dig deeper to understand that, actually, their account could end up dipping as much as 75 to 80 percent.  Eventually, this could entirely deplete their account.

• Alert signs

Some Forex robots would use bad money management strategies, like stop loss could be larger that the target.  Others would not have any trading strategy at all!  Some would not allow backtest, which is something that traders should be conscious about.

Bottom line is that no automated trading system could make you rich by millions overnight or in weeks.   The Forex market is unpredictable and could be exciting.  But to succeed in this field, miracle-workers like automated trading system is not the answer.  Of course, it could help or provide the necessary support in Forex trading.  But still, a good trading mindset and skill could take you to a long way.

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Ways to Use PLR Content

20. Juli 2009 3 Kommentare

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In any internet marketing business, the best and most efficient way of getting customers to buy from you is through the content posted in your sales page or website.  You won’t be able to show tangible products or actual books online, so the best way to give your customers an idea of what you are trying to sell is by writing about it.  High quality articles, blog posts, and e-books are just some of the most effective ways of selling online, but there are marketers who have the following problems:

  • They don’t have the writing skills to really wow their customers.
  • They don’t have the time and the energy to create their own articles, and
  • They can’t afford to hire a ghost writer to write their articles and blog posts for them.

So what’s the best alternative to writing your own articles?  PLR content.  PLR stands for Private Label Rights which allows you to use content from articles, blog posts, e-books, and the like written by someone else and turn it into unique versions of your own.  You will be given the right to rewrite the content in any way you’d like it to be and claiming it as your own by inserting your own name as the author.  What’s more, you have the right to sell or give away your own PLR content to others if you wish to use it to make profit or to help others, which is the main source of profit for internet marketers earning profit through the World Wide Web.

Here are some of the most effective ways to use PLR content that will not only increase your traffic rates and reputation as an internet marketer but also your overall sales as well:

  1. The first thing that you should do is post the PLR content, once they are ready, into your website or personal blog.  Your readers will instantly read what you have to say about your products and services.
  2. Once you’ve done that, you can try rewriting the content yourself or hire a rewriter to modify the content into something unique but with relevance to the original content.  You can then create an automated blog like PLR to WordPress that will auto-post the rewritten content.
  3. One of the most effective ways to use PLR content is to use different kinds of article formats for writing them such as FAQs, How-to articles, 10-best lists, and the like.  This gives more variety to your work and at the same time makes it easier for your customers and readers to understand what you’re trying to express.
  4. Another good idea is bringing your content to a forum or a discussion board where you can start online intellectual and interesting conversations with people who are interested in what you have to say.
  5. If you want to boost your mailing lists, you can try using your PLR content as a free report and offer it as a bonus to your readers.  That way, they’ll be more likely to come back to you for more.

Make banner is easy

Need website banners for your site? Looking for a way to save money on design fees? Need more promo materials (banners in all sizes) to give to your affiliates? What if you could simply design these banners yourself, in minutes, any time you needed to? Well look no further, because I have the perfect solution right here for you.

What I have for you here is a „do-it-yourself“ banner „maker“ unlike any other. The problem with most other banner templates and „generators“ out there is that, to put it simply, they just don’t create the results you’re looking for. You know what I mean….

You buy a banner pack or a software, try to use it, it ends up being too complicated and after hours of wasted time you end up with an amateurish design. So you end up hiring a designer, and in the end you’ve wasted money and time. Or worse yet, you decide to keep that amateurish banner and waste even more time and money with it.

And after this whole process, when ever you need banners in the future, you just decide to skip this whole step all-together. And you end up missing an important piece of your overall marketing campaign that can bring in new leads, sales, and more business.

Having professional banners in your marketing arsenal is a great way to squeeze more out of your business. But it does cost extra money, or takes too much time to try and do yourself.

Well, what I have for you here is something different. Something that creates GREAT looking banners, in minutes. And something that you can do yourself and save hundreds of dollars on design fees. AND also something you can start using right away, without a huge learning curve, or pretty much with no design experience at all

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Gute Schulden – Schlechte Schulden

17. Januar 2009 3 Kommentare

Gute Schulden – schlechte Schulden

Man hört gemeinhin fast nichts von einer Unterscheidung in gute undschlechte Schulden. Darum möchte ich Ihnen ein paar kleine Denkanstöße mitgeben:

Für die Banken sind alle Schulden gut, ermöglichen sie ihnen doch in der Hauptsache solch glänzende Gewinne. Allenfalls die 3-4 Prozent Kredite, die

nicht zu Ende bezahlt werden, sind schlecht. So ähnlich sollte es auch der Verbraucher sehen: Er sollte sich nur Geld leihen, wenn sich damit ein Gewinn erzielen lässt. Dann sind Schulden „gut“.

Daraus folgt, dass sie „schlecht“ sind, wenn sich ein Wertverlust einstellt.


Sie kaufen sich stolz ein neues Auto.

Doch vom ersten Tag an wird die gekaufte Sache weniger wert. Sie müssen aber den vollen Preis zurückzahlen, plus Zinsen. Sie haben nichts gewonnen. An dem Tag, an welchem Sie die letzte Rate zahlen, hat das Fahrzeug nur noch einen Bruchteil seines ursprünglichen Wertes. Und so ist es mit allen Konsumentenkrediten. Schlechte Schulden aus meiner Sicht!

Kaufen Sie sich aber günstig ein Grundstück oder ein Haus, hat die Immobilie am Tag der letzten Rate in der Regel nicht nur immer noch den damaligen Wert, sondern ist meistens sogar noch wertvoller. Gute Schulden aus meiner Sicht!

Schulden sind also dann nicht zwangsläufig negativ zu bewerten, wenn sie langfristig Ihre Vermögensbilanz erhöhen. In diesem Sinne kann man auch

Ausbildungsschulden betrachten. Durch eine qualifiziertere Ausbildung erhöhen Sie Ihre Einkommenschancen (oder die Ihrer Kinder) dauerhaft und nachhaltig. Da ist die Bafög-Rückzahlung das kleinere Übel. Man könnte noch viele Beispiele hier anbringen, was ich mir aber erspare, da das Prinzip klar sein dürfte.

Und was ist mit Darlehen, die einem geschäftlichen Zweck dienen, einer Unternehmensgründung, einer Geschäftseröffnung und so weiter?

Das ist ein Kapitel für sich, denn im Wirtschaftsleben spielen Kredite eine ganz andere Rolle als im Privathaushalt. Es geht quasi nicht ohne. Dazu kommen noch steuerliche und viele andere Aspekte – kurz, die Erörterung würde hier zu weit führen.

Michael Karl | LinkedIn


From Zero to Marketing Hero

15. November 2010 6 Kommentare

Forex today: An Educational Guide for Beginners

30. August 2010 3 Kommentare

New in the Forex market? This market may sound really complicated and scary to tackle but it’s not. Just like in any kinds of trade, you make money when you buy low and sell high. Forex trading is simply trading currencies in the Forex market.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world. It generates trillions of dollars of currency exchanges everyday and it operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week therefore, also making it the most liquid market in the world.

In the world of Forex, trading in this very liquid market is very unique compared to other financial market like stocks. Since the Forex market operates 24 hours a day worldwide, which starts at Sydney and ends in New York, trading is not centralized in one location. You can trade in Forex whenever you want regardless of the local time.

In the past, Forex trading was only offered to large financial institutions, like banks. And, it was also only offered to large companies, multi-national corporations and large currency dealers. This is because of the large and extremely strict financial requirements the Forex market imposed. This means that individual traders and small businesses are not able to participate in this liquid market.

However, in the late 90s, Forex was made available to individual traders and small businesses. This is due to the advances in the communications technology. High speed internet made it possible for people to enter the Forex market and have become one of the best make money at home businesses.

Forex trading is getting more and more popular each day. Besides, who wouldn’t want to trade in the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world? Trading in Forex will certainly give you the opportunity to earn a lot of money. However, trading in this ever liquid market also has its risk. It is a fact that many people who traded in Forex lost a substantial amount of money and some of these people are seasoned traders.

This is why it is very important for you, as a beginner trader in the Forex market, to have the proper knowledge and education on how to trade in the Forex market. Firstly, there are hundreds or even thousands of available websites in the internet that offers Forex education. Some of these websites offer dummy Forex trading where you can practice trading in the Forex market using dummy money.

These programs will really take you closer to actually trading in Forex. Many experts say that you’ll never really understand how Forex really works until you traded in the market. So, if you want to learn how to trade Forex, you may want to sign up for a dummy account that numerous Forex trading websites offer.

With a dummy account, you can trade Forex by not using real money at all. With this program you can practice your knowledge and skills in trading in the Forex market and not waste money.

To get started in trading in this market, all you need is a computer with a high speed internet connection, a funded Forex account, and a trading system. These three simple things are enough to get you started in Forex trading.

In order for you to minimize the risk of losing money, you need to have some basic knowledge in charting before you start trading. In most Forex trading systems, Forex charts are there to assist you with your trades. Forex charts are a visual representation of the exchange rates of currencies. This is where you will mostly base your decisions to buy and sell currencies. You have to learn how to read the different Forex charts in order for you to successfully trade in the Forex market.

Each Forex chart is different although they represent the same fluctuations. For example, in the daily Forex chart, you can evaluate market trends in the past 24 hours to help you make decisions on the next 24 hours of trading. In the hourly chart, you can use this chart to spot trends within the day. And, in the 15 minute chart, where it can help you recent currency fluctuations in a 15 minute interval to help you decide on which currency to buy and sell. Sometimes, there are 5 minute chart available to better help you get closer to the action.

These are the basics on how to trade in the Forex market. Always remember that aside from the promising earning potential that you can have in the Forex market, there are also underlying risks that you have to consider. It is therefore wise to trade in this market with a proper investment plan and strategy. If you are just starting out to trade in Forex, consider opening a dummy account to help you practice trading Forex without risking money.
Michael Karl, Forex Trader

Where to Get Educated in Forex Trading

25. August 2010 1 Kommentar

Forex or Foreign Exchange is the most liquid and the largest financial market in the world. Unlike other financial market, the Forex market doesn’t have a centralized location. Exchanges are done through electronic network and the whole world participates in the trade.

Forex trading involves buying and selling of different currencies. As with most trades, to make a profit in Forex, you need to buy low and sell high. Forex isn’t really complicated. However, there are things that you need to consider in order to successfully make some profit out of this very liquid financial market.

Forex trading can really give you a chance to earn large amounts of money. In fact, people who traded in Forex became instant millionaires almost overnight. However, you need to realize the fact that aside from the earning potential you can get when trading Forex, there are also risks involved and many people suffered huge financial losses trading in Forex.

This is why it is important for you to get an education on Forex trading. You have to get a proper education and not just a crash-course-read-articles kind of education.

In most business schools in the United States, there are courses that specialize in trading in the financial market such as Forex. These schools can really give you that proper skills and knowledge you need in order for you to successfully trade in the Forex market. Not only that. Getting a proper education from good business schools about Forex prepare you when you enter the Forex market to trade.

A good Forex trading school will educate you on how to read charts effectively and how to spot trends. Since knowing how to read the Forex market charts can give you an idea on where a particular currency is heading, you will have an idea on which currency you want to buy and sell. Knowing how to read the charts is one of the most important skills you need to have when you enter the Forex market. This skill will substantially minimize the risk of losing money and maximize the chances of earning.

As much as possible, you should look for a school that offer real-time trading with dummy accounts and real accounts. Since the best teacher is experience, schools should require you, as their students, to set up dummy accounts for practice and also real funded accounts to trade currencies in the actual Forex market. However, the real funded accounts should be in mini Forex accounts to avoid risking and losing a lot of money in case you made a mistake in the trades.

Another benefit that you can gain if you trade in real or dummy accounts for practice is experience. Once you enter the Forex market, you will have a better idea on how Forex markets work. The school should also have different trading systems to allow you to choose which trading system you are most comfortable with. Also, you will get a first hand feel on how to use these systems and avoid making mistakes in the real world.

Since trading Forex today is widely available for all kinds of people with a computer and an active internet connection. Most people don’t realize that Forex requires you to have skills and considerably, a high amount of money to invest. Forex doesn’t guarantee that everyone will win; you should know that Forex is a very risky financial market to invest in and having the proper knowledge and skills is essential for your success in trading in the Forex market.

You should know about the risks involved in Forex and you should also know that many people have suffered financially because they entered the Forex market without having the knowledge and skills required to be successful. Therefore, it is very important for you to get the proper education first before you enter the Forex market.

Always remember, with the proper knowledge about trading Forex, the better your chances will be to profit in this financial market.

There are different schools available that teaches all about the basics in Forex and allow you to experience trading in Forex with a trial account. Look for the things mentioned above and you can be sure that you will obtain all the things you need in order to start trading in the Forex market.

Michael Karl, Forex Trader

These are the things you should consider when you look for a Forex broker. If you find that right broker, you can be sure that you can really earn money.

Michael Karl,Forex Trader

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Analyzing the Forex market to your advantage

It has been said by many experienced traders that Forex is a more volatile market than any of the available options. The theory goes that it is difficult enough to judge a single company’s value at a given time and in the future, just imagine how hard it is to do the same thing with a whole country. This philosophy takes the point of view that analyzing the Forex market relies on careful reading over a period of time. Some knowledge of world affairs is also advantageous, as it allows you to be aware in advance of the timing of important announcements which can cause market volatility.

Others will treat the Forex market exactly like they would treat any other stock market, and take a more technical approach to analyzing their next step. This is not as simple a process in Forex as it is in the stock market, as the Forex is a 24-hour market, and the data-gathering systems require some modification to work effectively on Forex. Nonetheless, where these methods of technical analysis have been correctly applied, they have proved to be an effective way of making a profit on the Forex market just as their original forms proved on other markets.

While the first method is more of a global, evidence-based approach and the second tends towards techniques and patterns, both have been proven to be successful if correctly applied. It is highly advisable, though, to recognise which one to apply at a given time, as confusion can easily arise around what exactly the data tells you. Pick the method that you require and use the other to supplement it. That is the only way you can confidently operate in the long term.

Michael Karl

Effective Advices for Forex Trading Beginners

Not all people are familiar with forex trading. In fact, most people think that when you talk about forex trading, it has something to do with stocks or bonds. But forex trading is different from stocks or bonds. It involves the trading of currency pairs.

Currencies are traded in pairs, and you can’t find a particular currency without a pair. The major currencies being traded are chosen above the rest because they are stable and have a greater value than other foreign currencies.

Every time a new comer arrives in the market, the very first ones to take notice of them are what you call frauds. That is why, if you’re new in forex trading, you need to take some advice. It doesn’t hurt to ask for advice from the ones who are already engaged in forex trading. In fact, you can make use of their advice for your own good, and even to your advantage.

Since forex trading is globally available, it is not surprising if there are frauds that are able to infiltrate the financial market. To safeguard people from these frauds, they must be made aware of these growing fact, so that they will be able to protect their trading career.

The opportunities that forex trading provides for different individuals, firms, and organizations is growing rapidly every year. And accompanying this growth is the widespread growth of different scams related with forex trading. But you should not worry because there are a lot of legitimate companies or firms that can help you in forex trading.

The best thing to do is to find these legitimate companies to stay away from fraudulent ones. However, most new traders fall prey to these scammers because of their savory offers.

A piece of advice: stay away from companies or firms which advertise high profits for minimal risks. In today’s financial market, if you want to earn high profits, then you are likely subjected to high risks as well. These things always go together.

Always stay on the safe side. If you’re looking for a forex trading broker, and of course, each broker is part of a certain company, make sure that you select a government registered company. In signing any contract with them, double check if they are registered or certified brokers. This is a good step to undertake in order to prevent any misfortune that you might encounter in the future.

The job of reducing the risk is entirely yours, not that of the broker; so if the company offers or promises little risks, guaranteed profits, and the like, that is a sure sign that they are there to make a fool out of you.

Professional trader or not, a little use of the common sense can go a long way.

Before doing any forex trade, do your homework. Research all the necessary details about trading. Ever heard of inter-bank market? Stay away from companies which lure you into trading in the inter-bank market because the currency transactions are negotiated in a wobbly network of large companies and financial institutions.

If a certain company does not disclose any information about their background, that should serve as a red flag. It means that you should continue doing transactions with them. Nor is it advisable to transfer/send cash through the mail or the internet. Practice caution in everything you do, and you’ll be more than sure that you are always safe.

Fraudelent companies often solicit services and advertise soaring pressure tactics to attract you in participating or joining their services. Offshore companies which guarantees no risk and return of profit is a big no. Always be skeptical and don’t jump in to any instant offer that comes your way.

You can decide for yourself. After all these pieces of advice, it will still depend entirely on you whether you will apply it or not. You are the one who will be subject to fraudulent individuals or companies. If you want to protect your forex trading career, carefully consider these things.

With patience and a little diligence, you can expect for a successful forex trading career. These frauds which abound in the financial market will not succeed if only people are alert and skeptical.

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